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West Balkans - Community Spotlight


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Following the recent release of the West Balkans DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, we've been flooded with a lot of feedback echoing from every direction. It warms our hearts to see the load of screenshots and videos on various social media platforms, showcasing the adventures of the #BestCommunityEver, along with the invaluable experiences of content creators. We relish both positive sentiments and constructive critique.


Today, we're excited to share glimpses of this feedback, starting with the visual feast of screenshots and videos that have overflowed our social media channels. The tales of our #BestCommunityEver members on the roads of the West Balkans continue to captivate us, and we've made a habit of sharing your posts internally. Keep those screenshots and videos coming by tagging us on our social media X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.


The Steam Page for West Balkans is buzzing with positive vibes, thanks to the numerous glowing reviews it has received. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who took a moment to leave a review or provide constructive feedback about the West Balkans! Here are a few highlights. If you wish to contribute your own review, feel free to do so on the West Balkans Steam Store Page.


Our latest DLC has also managed to catch the eye of some official press coverage, for example, the Soda Game portal which gave it a great review! If you're not sure about adding West Balkans to your Euro Truck Simulator 2 map, check out the full article.


In addition, we reached out to some of your beloved content creators, who have been tirelessly recording and streaming their trucking adventures in the new map expansion. A big shoutout to these creators for sharing their insights, and allowing us to relay them to our blog readers.


"One year ago I started playing Euro Truck Simulator and since then I have been waiting for this DLC and finally it’s here! The new West Balkan DLC is amazing and I was excited to be driving in all the new countries. The cities that you can drive through are really well-made, and there is a lot of them! The DLC contains a lot of beautiful scenery and nice details. I really enjoyed exploring the different landmarks. I have been stopping at the viewpoints just to watch them in both day- and nighttime, which I need to confess has made me need to go a bit over the speed limit to deliver my cargo in time afterwards. I love to travel in real life, and I've been fortunate enough to visit some of the places featured in this DLC. I can wholeheartedly attest that the developers have done an outstanding job capturing the essence and appearance of these locations." - SWE_Beforewefall.


"The Western Balkans is an amazing DLC. The development team has once again managed to surpass themselves. Each of the eight countries has its own atmosphere and captures its unique character, as it is in real life. Special attention should be given to the stunning detail of the roads and, especially, the cities. The capital of Albania will linger in my heart for a long time, and I will return there again and again. The coastal cities will instantly immerse you in an atmosphere of relaxation and leisure. For those who enjoy challenging parking, there are a couple of places where you need to demonstrate all your previously accumulated experience. In a word, the Balkans are my love!" - TheAlive55.


"Whether it was the sea views from the highways in Croatia, the winding roads in Montenegro or exploring cities like Tirana and Sarajevo, there was always something to look at. I really enjoyed exploring the various secret roads, where in many places it was a real challenge to drive with a semi-trailer. My absolute favourite location is the road to the Crno Drvo warehouse - north of Nikšić in Montenegro. This location may look ordinary on the map, but the drive up here literally took my breath away. A winding road overlooking the mountains, with a river running along the road. With a view like that, it's hard to keep your eyes on the road. I enjoyed every single moment of exploring the new West Balkans DLC. Thank you SCS Software for the opportunity to check out this new content as part of Early Access." - Gamekeepers_cz.


"West Balkans is a DLC you have to get without hesitation! For our community, it was an exciting moment to drive through Serbia, the country of origin of our team. We really enjoyed taking photos on the coloured bridge to Belgrade. You will also find some really challenging hidden roads and some other amazing places between the mountains and the sea. Some of the smaller gas stations are perfect for chilling around and taking some photos for your album. I had fun playing solo and doing some heavy cargo deliveries on challenging roads with two pilot drivers helping me. Thank you SCS Software for including me in the early access. I enjoyed sharing this new content with my community." - SRB_Yolas.


And lastly, we want to express our sheer awe at the collective power of the #BestCommunityEver. To celebrate the DLC release, we initiated a World of Trucks event with a community goal of driving 300,000,000 kilometres while delivering cargo to or from any city in the West Balkans and/or Road to the Black Sea DLC. Astonishingly, you've surpassed this goal in less than two weeks. Kudos! Just a gentle reminder, you still have until December 19th at 23:59 UTC to claim your personal rewards, detailed in the dedicated blog post.

In conclusion, we want to reiterate our gratitude for the overall feedback and extend a humble bow before the monumental support. Our developers pour their passion into game design, and witnessing it resonate through such incredible feedback is truly heartening. Thank you all immensely!

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